What if you can enable a visitor to plan their journey hours ahead?

Before a visitor goes into your space, they can already browse all events, services or products, see what promotions are deals are available and which section has a sale.

What if you can augment your shopper’s mall visiting experience?

As they enter your parking lot, they are greeted and told which floor has available parking spots. Then as they walk in, they get greeted with points for their visit on their mobile phones, and told how to get to the sections they came to visit or notified of a big promotion or an event happing nearby.


AliveSpaces helps you to fully digitize your visitor's experience inside and outside your premises. Being a mall, retail store, a restaurant, an event hall or a museum. It enables you to create a personalized, valuable, enjoyable augmented physical experience.

We think that visiting any space should be a delightful and a very personal experience.


AliveSpaces is a full stack multi-component platform that caters for the digital marketing and proximity needs of any physical space.

Your branded iOS and Android Apps

Your branded iOS & Android Apps

We can easily integrate your brand into our unbranded apps and give you a fully functioning app in days not months.

Your branded iOS and Android Apps

Manage Content

Manage locations, branches, brands, zones, deals and offers anytime, anywhere.

Your branded iOS and Android Apps

Push and in-space notification management

Schedule in-space notifications as well as push notifications.

Your branded iOS and Android Apps

Royalty points & rewards management

Define and manage your reward levels and set points for each section of your space and experience touch point. We can also integrate with your current loyalty program.

Your branded iOS and Android Apps

Searchable Space

Enable visitors to search and find any information they are interested in by accessing your products/services/menu/artifacts.

Your branded iOS and Android Apps

Real-world Analytics

View live maps of where your visitors are roaming within your space. Get real-time stats of your footfall on any specific time of day and compare to historical data.

Your branded iOS and Android Apps

Beacon Management

Manage any beacon hardware of your choosing, we can work with any hardware you find suitable for your space.

Your branded iOS and Android Apps

API for further integrations

Need to integrate with your eCommerce site, your ERP or point of sale? Our ready RESTFUL APIs will help make all these integrations go very smoothly.

Your branded iOS and Android Apps

Your Map

We can integrate the detailed map of your existing space for a full way-finding and navigation experience.

Your branded iOS and Android Apps

Hassle-free managed cloud hosting

We will host the whole solution for you while you pay per month so you never have to worry about anything but delighting your visitors.

Your branded iOS and Android Apps

Beacon Installation and maintenance

We will help you install beacons at your space for best customer experience and to satisfy all of your footfall count and way-finding needs.


When a visitor installs the your app on his/her smartphone; a welcome message can be broadcasted as they enter your space, promotions via notifications can be sent as they are passing by your space on top of many other interactions within a a section of that space.